CECMH 2018

We are pleased to announce that the conference will be held Thursday, November 8 and Friday, November 9, 2018 at THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE In Toronto.

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available (CECMH Fall 2018 sponsorship)

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Quotes from honoured guests:

In any given year, 20 percent of Canadians experience a mental health or addiction problem.  Unfortunately, roughly half of these people will never seek help because of the stigma that surrounds mental illness and of the people who do seek help only half of them will find a viable solution.  More needs to be done to educate on this topic and who better to do this then our teachers.  As Canadians we benefit from spending a good portion of our lives with teachers and the Educators Conference is an excellent vehicle to provide these people with the tools they need to equip the next generation with the knowledge that will eventually stamp out stigma and improve the lives of Canadians living with mental illness.

-Daniel McCarthy, Senior Director, Lundbeck Canada

“Seventy percent of Canadians with a mental illness say the onset began in childhood or adolescence. Research tells us that early intervention can make a dramatic difference in a person’s quality of life. Educators are uniquely placed to make a difference by educating yourselves on the tools and resources available to promote mental wellness. It’s my hope this conference will not only change the way you think about mental problems and illnesses – but also inspire you to help us accelerate the change in Canada’s mental health landscape.”

Louise Bradley, President and CEO of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

“Mental illness impacts all areas of our society – directly affecting 1 in 5 Canadians and costing our economy over $51 Billion annually – so mental health should concern each and every one of us. We are all in it together. We are all responsible for improving how we understand and support each other’s mental health.

With 70% of mental health problems having their onset during childhood or adolescence, the Canadian Educators Conference on Mental Health is focused on the latest resources, programs and tools to help educators improve the support available in their communities. Every participant will bring home with them insight into new programs and resources, so I encourage all educators to attend the conference and take advantage of this valuable opportunity.”

Mary Deacon, Chair, Bell Mental Health Initiative at Bell Canada

Every day, teachers experience the impact of anxiety, depression, self-harm and other mental illness in the lives and learning of children and youth. Teachers want to be part of the important national conversation about child and youth mental health. As a society, we must work together to raise awareness, provide timely supports, and reduce and ultimately eliminate harmful stigma. This conference provides an opportunity for sharing ideas aimed at assisting teachers and students in the classroom.

Dianne Woloschuk, Chair, CTF President

“This conference is about getting education leaders from across Canada into one room to talk about mental health and ensuring that we are all leaving with implementable resources that will have instant impact on the lives of the students we serve.”

Bill Gartland, Associate National Executive Director

For more information please contact info@mdsc.ca