2016 Presentations

April 7 – 8, 2016
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Expert Voice Worrying all the Time Really Sucks: Anxiety in Children and Youth
1A Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces
1B Mental Health and the Inviting School
1C Building Cultures of Resiliency and Positive Mental Health In Our Schools – What Works
1D A focus on social-emotional learning: Promoting health and wellbeing in schools
Expert Voice Suicide in Children and Youth
2B Feed All Four
2C Brainsense: A New Language To Prevent & Manage Mental Health
2D Addressing Substance Misuse Among Male Post-Secondary Students: Encouraging Dialogue, Participation and Action
Expert Voice Mental health in Canadian IRER populations
3A Resiliency in Children
3C Mind full or Mindful?
3D Connected, Committed and Contributing 
3E Eating Disorders in Schools: Prevent, Recognize, and Help 
4A Masters of Education Leadership Stream: Mental Health Education
4B Headstrong: An Evidence Based Youth Anti-Stigma Initiative
4C Being Mindful About Mindfulness: A System Wide Approach
4D Safeguarding Mental Health of Educators in Canada